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Peel of this Fruit Can be Used to Eliminate Persistent Cough

The peel of tangerine can be used to eliminate persistent cough and sore throat. When it comes to the treatment of flu and colds during the winter tangerines are the most used fruits in these situations because of the large amounts of vitamin C.
tangerine peel 1
Grind 50 grams of tangerine peel and place in a jar.

Grinded peel pour with a glass of vodka or 40% alcohol. Close the jar tightly and let sit for a week in a dark place. Then take one spoon after meals, along with one teaspoon of honey. It cures cough and cleanses the throat.

An interesting way to use of tangerine peel is making candied peels.

Here’s the recipe

17-21 oz (500-600 gr) tangerine

300 – 400 ml of water

1 teaspoon salt

12 oz (350 gr) Brown sugar

350 ml water

Brown sugar for rolling sheath


Peel tangerines, juicy middle eat, and keep the crust. The peel put in a pot, covered with 300-400 ml of water and add 1 teaspoon of salt. Cook the crust with this solution to boiling. When boiled pour out the water and keep the crust. You do this in order to extract the bitterness of the sheath, when working with oranges procedure should be repeated three times, but for the tangerines is enough only one boil.

Boiled peel chops into thin shreds. In another pot mix 350 g of sugar and 350 ml of water and boil to dissolve the sugar. Add the prepared crust and all cook on low heat for 30-40 minutes or until the crust becomes slightly transparent, and very thick syrup.

Carefully put the crust on the grid and leave it there to drain and dry out a bit. Then crust roll in granulated sugar and place on baking paper to dry.

Dried put in a jar or bag, you can add to cakes, drinks or simply nibble when blood sugar drops.