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People Lives Longer, but They are Sicker!

People Lives Longer, but They are Sicker!

People in the world are living longer, but not in health care, but in illness, according to a study of the most common diseases and injuries in 188 countries.

The health in general in the past 10 years been improved around the world thanks to the great progress in fighting infectious diseases and malaria and achievements in the fight against diseases of mothers and children, writes in the journal “The Lancet”!

Life living is much longer, but did not been significantly prolonged the healthy life years, which means that people are actually living longer with chronic illnesses and disabilities, according to the analysis.

“The world progresses in the field of health, but it is now necessary to progress in the prevention and treatment of the major causes of disease and disability,” said study author Theo Vos, professor of the University of Washington.

The study also says that the shortest life is in Lesotho, only 42 years old, on the other hand is Japan, where life expectancy is 83 years. After Japan, longer and healthier to live is in Singapore, Andorra, Iceland and Cyprus, Israel, France, Italy, South Korea and Canada.