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Perfect Legs Without Capillaries And Swelling

The beauty and health of your feet are closely related. To stay light, flexible and thin for while you just need to stick to a few simple tips.htleggs_600x450

Every day at least walk half an hour. This will prevent venous insufficiency. Why? During walking and climbing stairs muscle contractions act as a kind of massage that facilitates the return of blood to the heart.
TIP: Do not stay long in one position.
2.Avoid extreme temperatures
Sun is not harmfull but excessive heat is not good. Why? Heat from the sun, lying on warm sand or visiting sauna or turkish bath can dilate blood vessels. It is particularly dangerous for weak and sick blood vessels because it can further weaken and damage them. Therefore avoid sunbathing in the hottest part of the day and often cool your feet in cold water.


3.Massage is a true elixir
It is passive gymnastics for blood vessels and ideal for stimulating circulation. You can gently massage every night your feet starting from down through the ankles up, gently striking cream based on herbal extracts.Massage should last 15 minutes.
4.Physical activity
Do not make sports requiring sudden moves such as tennis, aerobics or volleyball. Swimming is  an ideal choice: the body and the water pressure prevents the action of gravity and facilitates the return of blood. In addition, cold water strengthens the vessel wall. Cycling and running are also useful because they can strengthen the muscles of the lower leg.
5.Take care of clothes
Avoid pants and skirts that can tighten the waist and socks and underwear that you push groin and scarred skin. Avoid long day of wearing high heels, and a completely flat shoes. Most appropriate heel height is 3-4 cm.

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