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Perspiration-Not A Problem Anymore

We live in the hottest days. You can not block the hot weather, but maybe you can save yourself from feeling warm. So, we have created a list of suggestions how to avoid perspiration:






Refresh your feet 
Very effective to start from the feet to cool off. Fill a small basin of water and add into it plenty of ice  and enjoy cooling off.
Put  towel to back of the neck
One of the most perspiring is the neck region. Especially the nape.  The cause of sweating a lot of the neck  is because  the blood vessels are near the surface of the skin. Nape needs to be kept cool. Puting a cold towel in that are might work. Of course, towels should be  frequently changed. Because after a certain period of time it will come to the same level as the body temperature.
Refresh your palms
Palms are filled with blood vessels close to the surface area and to lower the body temperature it is a point operation that can be applied. Try to fill handful of crushed ice to cool quickly.
Choosing the right clothes to wear
Perspiration is a normal thing. But if you don’t want to get  discomfort by increasing the perspiration rate with what you wear, you must make the correct choice of clothing. Instead of tight clothes wear abundant and draped clothes. Fabric selection is also important. Flax is a good choice.