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Read Nails- Find The Disease

As a method for medical diagnosis, the control of finger nails fit only under certain conditions. The possibility to ascertain the overall health status through the examination of nails is limited.Extra

After its formation, the nail doesn’t change anymore. His growth is a long process. A able deficiency in our body is distinguishable perhaps even when the deficit is eliminated. For example, a hard systemic illness with fever can be read on the horizontal lines of the nail, only after two to three months from the acute phase of the disease. For patients themselves, nail changes are often a first sign and visible alarm, which in some cases must be followed by visits to the doctor.

The horizontal lines or holes in the nails
Mainly created when growth of a nail, during a disease slow down for example by an infection with a high fever from chemotherapy etc …
Nail like glass of clock
Phalange distal (last bones of the fingers) of fingers of the hands or of the feets are swollen, to arched nails. The cause is often  a chronic supply with oxygen,for example from heart disease or lung. This erratic supply with blood makes possible intensification of the liberation of growth factors in the blood vessels of the fingers and make to grow a new relatival tissue.

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