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Recognize The Symptoms Of Heat Stroke

 Recognize The Symptoms Of Heat Stroke

Temperature collapse usually affects people over 50 years

Heat stroke or collapse temperatureis very a serious problem that doctors treat it as an emergency. If you suspect that you or someone around you has symptoms of heat stroke, be sure to call an ambulance, especially these days when the temperature threatens that will increase.

Heat stroke can cause death or damage to internal organs, and even the brain. Although the heat stroke usually affects people who are over 50, nowdays it has become increasingly common with the cases of heat stroke among young people.

Temperature collapse occurs at exposure to high temperatures, usually in combination with dehydration, for which the body has no sufficient amount of water to be cooled down.

If symptoms of heat stroke are recognized at the time, the damage might not even come, so we bring you common signs to prevent possible negative consequences:
- Increased heart rate

- Rapid, shallow breathing

- Changes in behavior such as confusion or disorientation

- Attacks

- Fainting

- Pulsating headache

- Dizziness and sensitivity to light

- The lack of sweating, despite the heat

- Red, hot and dry skin

- Nausea and vomiting