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Repair Blood Count in Just 10 Days

To make your blood count was better, this syrup is enough to consume only twice a year
If you are exhausted, feel tired, it’s time to check the blood count. But, before you go to the doctor, try a natural way and with natural ingredients improve the general condition and blood count.


2 pound of beets
1 pound carrots
1 lemon
2-3 oranges
2 sour apples
1 jar of honey


Beetroot, carrot and apple pare, cut into small pieces, put in a juicer and squeeze the juice. Lemon and orange drain and mix with the previous. Finally, add a jar of honey, the best of meadow, because it is most curative ones because of the diversity of plants.

All mix well to dissolve honey and unite with the juice. The amount of oranges can be higher, because they are added mainly because of taste and smell. The finished syrup, pour into glass bottles. This gives about a liter and a half to 2 liters of a syrup, which is a sufficient amount for 15-20 days. Syrup drink every morning on an empty stomach, while not drink the whole amount.