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Say Goodbye to the Greasy Hair!

Say Goodbye to the Greasy Hair!


Although today there are many types of shampoos intended for all types of hair and scalp in the market, more and more women are turning to natural products and gladly reach for their grandmother’s recipes to make their hair bright and healthy.
This is one of the certainly best solutions that will help your hair is baking powder. Its biggest advantage is that it will solve the problem with the dandruff and various impurities that are a result of the influence of all kinds of chemicals that you apply to your hair every day.
Baking powder is especially recommended for people who have problems with grease treatment of the scalp, as this ingredient dries. All you need to do to prepare your natural product which means to mix half a cup of baking soda with three cups of water. The above mixture will be enough for a few washes, and can be kept in a plastic box.

Shake the mixture before using and apply it to the threads so that the mixture will be rubbed with your fingers like a massage.


After you have applied this preparation, rinse with baking soda with half a cup of apple cider.

Washing your hair every other day will help you get your hair and threads healthy.