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Seven ‘Needles’ That Will Blow Out Your Belly Before Walking In A Bathing Suit

Seven ‘Needles’ That Will Blow Out Your Belly Before Walking In A Bathing Suit

Despite shedding sweat and strict diet maintained for weeks before putting on the swimsuit, many are troubling with undesirable situation swolen abdomen. The solution to avoid swoling lies in several express solutions that like needles will poke ‘the balloon’ and will straighten your belly

1. A bath with bitter salt

Bitter salt has the most popular application as an ingredient of salted bath. Two cups of about 14 oz (400 grams) of bitter salts in a bath full of hot water is relaxing, and this bath stimulates sweating, which is a good way to deal with excess fluids, toxins and cellulite from the body.

2. Reduced servings of vegetables

It is known that salty foods and fizzy drinks cause bloating, but also among the healthy foods are hidden causes of swolen abdomen. Broccoli, cauliflower and kale for the abundance of fiber inflates you belly, which of course does not mean that you should exclude them completely but reduce the portion of the plate.

3. Whites omelete

Before going to the beach, eat an omelet from egg whites, which act as a diuretic. In addition, you will get the required dose of protein that will fill you up for the whole day on the beach. But reduce the portion of the eggs whites, instead.

4. Avoid carbonated drinks

Avoid anything containing carbon dioxide, such as carbonated drinks, because it is the main culprit for increased gas. Refreshments can be found in a lot of healthier drinks like ice teas or vitamin water.

5. Slower swallowing food and drinks

Fast consumption of food and drinks causes intake causes of excessive amounts of air and bloating, in order to avoid it, eat the meal in a quiet environment and hold on to small snacks and slow the chewing of your food. After the meal it is recommended to spend at least five minutes in the movement that will stimulate the degradation of food.

6. Avoid fruit for dessert

Fruit instead of slices of chocolate cake, is definitely a healthier choice for the body, but the effect that the fruit after a meal causes is not at all desirable.

Namely the fruit instantly fast passes through the digestive system because of water and simple sugars, but if you eat them after some food it will be required hours to be decomposed.

Fruit remains stuck in the digestion, and after a while starts the process of fermentation, which leads to bloating.

Consume fruit on an empty stomach or as a first daily meal as soon as you wake up, to go through the digestion and give you the maximum amount of vitamins as fast as possible.

7.Cereals softened in water

Cereals such as quinoa, flax seeds and nuts are a source of protein, fiber and many vitamins.

But improper preparation of these healthy bomblets can lead to unpleasant bloating, namely the body fined it difficult to digest because of phytic acidwith which are covered and which blocks the work of an enzyme important for the degradation of the food.

By ‘soaking’ the healthy foods overnight in water with a little lemon juice or cider vinegar you’ll adapt the digestion. ‘Soaking’ removes phytic acid, and enzymes are becoming more accessible, and the body releases more nutrients and food becomes digested.