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Sinusitis? You Can Get Rid Only With That Popular Way

You can buy medicines as you want, but with sinusitis there is only one way to fight. It is about the popular, pretty simple: brine.sinozit

It is  enough just a glass of water mixed with salt and see how this therapy will work immediately.  This may seem like a “grandmother’s medicine”, but now it is also about scientific proof. And its effectiveness is demonstrated by the fact an American study undertaken by the University of Wisconsin.

According to them, the salt water – brine  is an almost immediate effect to release the occupied nose channels  and oppression caused by sinusitis. It will be  suffice just two cups a day. It is a way which appears functional, both for adults and for children, even those too young. Its secret lies precisely in the fact that cleaning with water and salt, protects and nourishes the mucosal membranes that line up in the nasal cavity, and reaches the walls of the sinuses. Thus helping to clean the entire area of ​​the nose, which is daily exposed to all kinds of germs, smog or dust.