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Six Steps To A Perfectly Nursed Hands

Six Steps To A Perfectly Nursed Hands

The fact is that the hands are part of the body where plastic surgery can’t help. Therefore, you must regularly nurture them. Here are six steps that you should follow if you want your hands to look nurtured and youthful as long as possible.

The cream with SPF

Daily use cream for sun protection, especially in the upper part of the hand, because they are the most exposed to harmful radiation. The sun is responsible for the development of nearly 95% of wrinkles, fine lines and other skin changes.

The hands are particularly exposed when driving, so it would be good to keep the cream in the car in order to be always available.

Wear rubber gloves

Every time you are in contact with harsh soaps, detergents or chemicals, wear rubber gloves with cotton lining. You may want to wear them every time you wash your dishes or laundry. Dishwashing Liquid is very alkaline and therefore is too harsh for the skin on the hands.

Cleaning can be very rough for the hands, as well as for your nails.

When your hands are in the water for too long, your nails are”swelling”and soon afterwards, during the drying proces they are gathering. This leads to a fragile and delicate nails. Also, wear them when working in the garden, but also to protect your hands from the cold. Use mild soaps with neutral pH value.


Twice a week, exfoliate your hands with cream or gel that contains abrasive particles. Also, make a homemade peeling with sea salt and lemon juice. Rub it into the skin on your hands using an old toothbrush to remove the tiniest pieces of dry skin.

Nourish the skin on your hands

After you wash your hands, gently dry them but while they are still wet, apply a cream that contains retinol and rub it thoroughly the cuticle and the skin around the nails. It is very important that your hands are never dry.

Transfer the cream into small boxes and hold them in several places so that you will always have them within rich.
Get oil with vitamin E and apply it daily on your hands. This oil is very nutritious and your hands will always be nurtured and hydrated.

Hand mask

For super soft hands, before bedtime, apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly and slip with cotton gloves. After you wake up, you’ll be amazed with softness of the skin on your hands. It would be the best if you do this every night.

Nourish the cuticle

Cuticles prevent penetration of bacteria and fungi in the bloodstream. After showering while the skin is still soft, with wooden cuticle trimmer trim the cuticles. Never, but never cut them down, because you can cause an infection.