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Sleep Is Not Luxury, It Is a Necessity

Sleep is one of the most important functions that keep you healthy. It is a regeneration, repair and maintenance process.


While you sleep thousands of processe works like bess until morning to correct previous day’s worn-outs and distortions. If you do not have a regular sleep, you can not benefit enough from other things like regular feeding, your active life and controling your stress. It is a key for a good and healthy life.

Sacrifing sleep, sleeping 3-4 hours and working all day and braging about it and not looking for a solution for your insomnia by a specialist  are utterly wrong things. Try to make a regular sleep, be in bed at the same time, not sacrifice from your sleep time and be careful not to stay up too late. A good sleep means a well rested, self-renewed, repaired and more powerful brain and body. Sleeping:

  • Strengthens your memory.
  • Makes it easier to focus.
  • Accelerates learning.
  • Good and sufficient sleepers are more alert and more energetic.
  • Highs the perfomances.
  • Hundreds of researches has revealed that sleep protects the heart health and digestive system.

Every time you can not enter to bed at the same time. Every time you can just not  complete the 7-8 hours of natural sleep time that you always used to have. If it happens occasionally it really doesn’t matter. As food getaways,drink getaways exrcise laziness, there can also happen sleeping problems or getaways.



In such cases, see to pay you sleep debts as soon as possible.If for any reason a day ago you had to settle for a few hours of your sleep, the next day try to keep your job a little lighter, take more fluid, eat lighter food and be careful not to drink. If you pay your debts on time, your brain and your body will recover more quickly. After a sleeples night the next day:

  • Reduce coffe and tea.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Consume more liquid during the day.
  • Eat lighter. Especially avoid eating oily, spicy and flatulent foods.