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Some Of The Worst Things That You Can Do To Your Body!

Your body will love you more if you beware on some “trifles”. Drink enough water, don’t sleep over and avoid marathons before TV. There are some trifles that you should beware especially.habits

1. Don’t sleep to much.Seven to nine hours of sleep is best. Sleeping less than six or more than ten hours is associated with chronic diseases, including the heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
2. If you drink alcohol, drink one to two drinks a day, no more.
3. Avoid watching TV a long time.
4. Don’t spend too much time at home.Try to spend quality time in the fresh air.
5. Don’t smoke.Even those who smoke occasionally increase the risk of early death.
6. Although exercise and workout is good for your body don’t overdo it. 90 or more minutes daily weaken the immune system.


7. You can eat frozen meals from time to time, but take care to not become like habit. This food is full of sodium and other additives.
8. Don’t wear bad shoes because they will hurt your feet and can be guilty of serious problems in your body.
9. Avoid exercise without stretching.Good stretch before and after your workout helps in reducing injuries
10.Insufficient water intake is another bad move. Drink at least eight glasses per day.
11.“Baking”in the sun also isn’t good. As many times by now has been told, even when the sun hides behind the clouds is harmful to the skin.
12.Although coffee has its positive sides, don’t consume it excessive.
13.If the doctor for some injury have prescribed to wear belt, then seriously you should wear it. But don’t use it,if you don’t need, because in this way you will damage your muscles.