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Some Simple Gestures To Dispel Stomach Pains

If you have stmach pains, doo not go immediately to the doctor. Here we give some simple ways to calm stomach pains.Acute-Abdominal-Pain3

Keep your stomach warm
When you have pain put a hot water  bottle or something else on your stomach. You can also do shower with hot water.The pain will be calmed.
Use supplements with herbal base
Although is not fully confirmed yet, it is thought that the mint oils or even Caraway (cumin) can calm the stomach pains.

Attention with foods that you consume
If you have a stomach ache and at the meantime you have gases,you need to remove some foods, like : broccoli, onions, cabbage of Brussels, cauliflower, wheat bread, peaches and plums.
Be carefull with dairy products
When you have stomach pain avoid these products or find such with little lactose.
Prepare a simple mixture
Mix 2 gr. oregano,2 gr.cumin and 2 gr. salt.Press all together until it becomes dust. Squeeze half a lemon over and then dissolve in a half glass of warm water.
Another simple way
If the pain comes from the intestines, another remedy is eating two ripe bananas mixed well into 250 gr. yogurt . This should be done for the first several weeks.

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