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Spicy Food – Sharp Ally For Our Health

Hot pepper is a regular guest on the tables.  Always suffered various praise and criticism of that is completely detrimental to that is completely useful.spicy1

We will not fully agree with either one of these two claims, but will try to present you as bitter can be sharp ally for  our health. Scientists say that the bitter is true protector of the heart and blood vessels, it is a big opponent of elevated cholesterol levels, and also positively influence the elevated blood pressure.
Angrily carries double-edged sword - actually angry fighter, but a fighter who wears double-edged sword, so be careful with the bitter. Pungent recommended in any food, it is absolutely healthy, scientists say, but you have to measure, because if fed in large amounts it can harm health, especially the kidneys, stomach and digestive tract. Do not eat those sices  if you have stomach problems.

Pungent spice that is used for appetite, can also affect the preservation of your health. Use it regularly and enjoy its taste, but do not overdo it. Remember, only the bitter spice could be better.