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Spinach is Full of Germs!

Spinach is Full of Germs!

After thorough washing, 90 percent of the bacteria remain stuck to the leaf of the spinach

Eating of the spinach in fresh form should be avoided completely, and as a safe option cooking is advised.

According to research by American scientists, bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella are present on the leaves of the spinach, and they can survive even bleaching process represented in the industrial processing of food, thanks to the many folds of the leaves of this plant.

More precisely, even 15 percent of the plant’s leaves are exposed to only a small trace of disinfectants, and after their washing with a solution with low concentration of bleach, about 90 percent of the bacteria remains stuck to the sheet and survives, this discovered by scientists from the University of California at Riverside.

- Unfortunately, once they have entered there, theyreproduce, and spread further through the leaves, and the rinse with plain water will not do much about it – said Benjamin Chapman from the University of North Carolina.