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Stay Pregnant Only With this Salutary Recipe!

Natural remedy to help against cystitis and frequent inflammation of the ovaries.

We bring you a recipe for old folk remedy. If you make this drug you get a great fighter against frequent inflammation of the ovaries and cystitis. It is important to note that you will get rid of all bacteria.

All you need is – milk!
Liter of milk pour into a deeper pot. Take a chair and remove the upper part. Pot with cooked milk put under the chair and sit down. Around the waist tie the blanket. It is important that you include steam. Be careful to not burn.

Repeat this procedure the next day. You will soon notice the improvement of health conditions. Keep in mind that warm milk is a powerful antibiotic.

 Extra tip: This recipe will give better results if you have a portable electric stove. Namely, put on the floor stove, above the stove put the pot and the chair without upper part. Wrapped need to sit in a chair and soak up the steam until the milk does not boil.