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Stroke, All Causes That Can Be Avoided

Stroke is caused not only by high cholesterol in the arteries or simply by malnutrition or great age of a person. Sometimes it happens as a result of external circumstances. Here are some tips on how to avoid factors that can cause stroke


High temperatures
According to international statistics,  heat causes stroke. It is a reaction of the body not only by high temperatures, but also by dehydration, factors that make the blood thicker.A good solution to fight the heat is to drink as much water throughout the day to hydrate the body.


Be careful with hot shower
Surprisingly, bathrooms with hot water have much the same effect as the hot sun.  Experts advise that the water of the bath or shower to be lukewarm, more or less as body temperature, or about 36 degrees Celsius.


Eating late at night
In many countries it is customary to eat dinner before 7:00 pm, while in other countries eating from 9:00 to 10:00 pm the night. But it appears that it is not very healthy, either for a peaceful sleep or welfare of the heart. Condition worsens especially men, because they often feed in the late hours. It is proven that people with this lifestyle, suffer from obesity, hypertension, insulin resistance and lipid concentration (fats in the blood). All this determines an increase in the risk of coronary heart disease to 27%.


If the air we breathe, the concentration of O3 (Ozone 3) exceeds 10 g / m³, the effects caused to the arteries that feed the heart and brain are negative. These levels of pollution and worsen the health of people who suffer from a disturbance in the heart muscle.


Aircraft Noise
Living near an airport is a danger to heart health. It has been shown that people who live in these areas, have 20% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, after rising blood pressure caused by noise.