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Summer Nutrients That Help To Lose Weight

With high percentage of water , plenty of fiber and antioxidants in it, summer vegetables and fruits also support weight loss. The basis of slimming starts with right chosen nutrients, so do not avoid those summer nutrients from your kitchen.

weight_loss*Cucumber-refreshing vegetable that contains 90% water. With the erepsin enzyme in it’s content it accelerates digestion.  Also it contains C, A and E vitamins.
*Zucchini- contains high percentage of fiber, accelerates the functioning of edema,gives a feeling of fullness and has a low calorie content.
*Tomato-  indispensable vegetable in the summer. Contains  95 % water, lycopene, A and C vitamins. It quench your thirst, strengthens the immune system and protect the skin health.

*Parsley- accelerates the digestion and suppress the appetite. Try to eat it raw. Therefore it can be more helpfull.
*Avocado- the value of the fat and calorie are high, but it’s fiber content is rich according to some other vegetables and fruits. Due to the good fats in it’s content accelerates the weigh loss process.
*Strawberry- contains high percentage of water and fiber, C vitamin and has a positive effect on weigh loss diets. It regulates the digestive system and is useful for constipation.
*Damson Plum- you can consume it fresh or dried. It has at least 20 vitamins and minerals. It also has a really high percentage of fiber wich can be useful to regulate the digestive system and for constipation.