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Take Care Of Your Child- Keep Them Out Of The Sun

During the hot summer season, obviously after days spent under the hot rays of the sun and sea, there can appear  skin problems.


Some tips for preventing skin cancer, is using oils that contain protective factors against UVA and UVB rays. Repeat the application of the cream after two hours, if you become with sweat or after swimming. Use a hat that shades to make head, face and neck. Protect eyes to prevent possible cataracts in life, using glasses with 99-100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays.


Also,  mothers, should care for children under the age of one years, while keeping as far from  sun because their skin is very sensitive. The risk for children of this age to dehidratohen, or from heat stroke cases is very high. Keep children in the shade and wearing light clothes that cover their arms and legs. A hat with holes is very necessary. Oils for the little ones, under six months are not recommended.

Some other tips that can be followed are:
*the damaging rays from 11-16 hrs. Try to stay inside in the shade during these hours. It would be better for your child
*don’t let your children to stay too much in the water. The sun there can be more dangerous.
*do not give too much food when you are on the beach. Just some juices or yoghurt can be enough.