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Tea Against Anemia

If you suffer from iron deficiency, try a tea with briar roots, or leaves of a walnut. Çaj

Briar tea is the main drug that helps  anemic people. Despite the fact that iron is a key element in human health and is a key element in nature, many people suffer from a lack of iron in the blood known better as anemiaThis is confirmed by the statistics of the World Health Organization.

Iron deficiency makes oxygen impenetrable  in the body, and therefore the first sign of anemia appears to muscle fatigue. Anemia is not an incurable disease, can be treated with medical help, but it can be treated with natural medicines too. Chief remains briar teaIt should be drunk at least 3 cups a day. Walnut tea also helps a lot. First you should  boil some fresh leaves of walnut, about 15 minutes, then drink a glass a day, half an hour before lunch.