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The Best Foods For Calming :5 Key Products

Many products have the power to reduce stress, like fish, eggs, green tea and chamomile tea wich are thought to be excellent for alleviating the state of anxiety. Anxiety forms are an integral part of life for almost every modern man and usually resolves with psychotherapy or consuming certain medications. However, many are not aware that an important part of fight against this problem is balanced foods followed by exercise. Read that five key products that you can use for fight against anxiety.article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a02-8r-1o-calm-down-after-long-day-800x800

Fish rich in fatty acids
In research done by students were taking supplemental omega-3 fatty acids and managed to reduce anxiety for around 20%, compared to those who took placebo. It is not necessary to choose supplements, but you can feed on foods rich in omega 3 fatty acid that contains certain types of fish.
Chamomile Tea
Chamomile is used in health care since the ancient times, but recently has been found that positively affects on people who suffer from anxiety, from mild to moderate disease. If you don’t want tea, try to buy chamomile extract.


The brain needs the vitamin B group for normal functioning. If there are not enough in our diet can come to nervousness, anxiety, sensitivity and many other consequences. Try to eat a different products that are high in vitamin B, such as citrus fruit or eggs. In eggs there and noeleen, a nutrient that is especially needed for women in menopause.
Long ago we know that the brain and the stomach is connected, otherwise how would you feel hungry? But new research has shown that the bacteria in our stomach affect our feelings. Probiotics, the good bacteria, allowing properly functioning of the digestive system, but some of them, wich  are found in yogurt, reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Scientists point out that this finding is encouraging, but are necessary further researches.
Green tea
Green tea is a rich source of tannin, which has a calming effect on people. One study found that students who are prone to anxiety remained peaceful and calm after only 200 mg of this amino acid.