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The Biggest Mistakes We Make While We Are On A Diet

Much of what we think we know about dieting is not true, so do not get the desired effects. So researchers set several major rules for dieting.112

Do not skip breakfast
Breakfast should not be skipped. The truth is that no meal is not even a little bit more important than another. The most important thing is to enter as many calories as needed to your body during the day.  Several different surveys  came to the same conclusion: the time at which you eat is important.
Exercising on an empty stomach
It is important to eat before a workout, but  “before” does not mean “just before” because, on  one hand it will be difficult during exercise, and on the other hand, nutrients will not reach the muscles fast.



Eat if possible fresher food
Although it is true that everything in nature is good for you, everything that is classified as food secure profits. Although diets often require processed foods like muesli and Granola tiles. It is better to eat fresh grains, such as corn or wheat and oatmeal.
Receive enough Omega 3 fats
Surely you’ve heard of Omega 3 . It is one of the few “good fats” along with Omega 6, which bring any benefits. It is important to include in your regular diet, because your body is unable to produce itself, which is important for health.