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The Most Effective 6 Basic Movements

If you want to reach, in a short time a develoed and muscular body, here we give the basic movements:top-3-ways-to-train-bodybuilding-exercise-science-combined_a

Bench Press (Chest)
Squat (Legs)
Deadlift (Leg)
Barbell Curl (Standing) (Arm)
Barbell Rowing (over me) (back)
Neck Press (Behind / Front) (shoulder / back)

These basic movements should be done as follows:
Benchpress:it is the basis of the chest movements and also operates the rear arm. As it gives volume, this muscle group also in a large extend determines the posture. It is a push movement that can be made with bar or dumbbell. When we do the movement our back should be completely adhered to the stend.
Squat: is a basic leg movement, but it is not suitable for amateurs. It operates the hip muscles very well. While the bar is on our shoulderwe should not blend more than 90 degrees and head should stand upright.
Deadlift:  is a movement done with bar. Hold the bar straight or upside down, get it up from the ground than turn it back to the ground. When it’s made with knees bent , than it could have a similar effect as squat.
Barbell Rowing (Bent-Over): Thanks to this movement our back and underarm muscles start to work. It improves the muscles that uphold the backbone of the spine. Our legs should be as shoulder width apart and knees should be slightly broken.
Barbell Curl (Staudinger): is the most basic movement that operates the forearm. While standing the bar is kept in shoulder width apart and is lifted to the level of the shoulder slowly . During this action, we need to keep the voltage constant and within the set without waiting in a series, but we must follow the movement of tossing.
Press Neck (Behind / Front): It is the basic shoulder movement that gives volume to shoulder muscles. The bar is lowered to the neck and  lifted. our head during the movement should be kept constant.