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The Most Important Beauty Secrets for Women and Men

The most important beauty secrets for Women and Men
Here are the top 8 suggestions that most doctors would prefer to you:

1. Avoid stress at all charges. Stress is the number one symptom in all diseases. Try to find different ways avoiding it.
2• Careful with Alcohol. The amount of the digested alcohol damages the metabolism. A large amount of alcohol sends toxicants to the liver directly.
3• Do not smoke. Smoking affects the skin color since it hurts the microcirculation inside the skin. Smoking also affects the quality of your hair.
4• Keep/start exercising regularly since it keeps your skin bright helps in being in shape and in creating good posture.
5• Avoid UVA radiation. The UVA rays cause dramatic aging of your skin.
6• Make sure you consume all important vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to provide a healthy and balanced diet through fresh fruits and vegetables.
7• Get a good sleep. Good rest helps the body to regenerate.
8• Make sure your teeth are always at its best. Taking care of teeth it’s not only an esthetic requirement but many diseases progress through bad digestion. Get regular check-ups at your local dentist.
Above all, a well known factor in looking good is feeling good from inside. Make sure you don’t forget that.

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