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The Necklace that Does not Allow to Overeat! (VIDEO)

Want to lose weight, but you are not persistent in the diet? Do not worry, scientists have created a necklace that registers everything you eat – and tells when is enough!

The necklace that bears the name “WearSens” takes the form of a metal ring with a sensor that records everything that passes through your throat.

Of course, scientists keep pace with technology including the necklace, you can connect with your smartphone that will warn you if you exceed the daily limit calorie intake. Also, you will get a warning and if you consume too much junk food.
This device developed by engineers at the University of Los Angeles. So far necklace girls have 30 people and claim that really works.

While some still not clear how this device works, some explains that every food we eat broadcast different vibrations in the throat, according to which “WearSense” can recognize what you eat or drink.

In most cases, the device has recognized the difference between solid and liquid food, as well as between the hot and cold drinks.

In addition to helping you to lose weight, this necklace can serve as a reminder of when to take a drug.

Source You Tube