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The Simplest Way To Improve The Memory

The simplest way to improve the memoryHand-Solar-Plexus

If you complain that you have problems with the memory, and that before going out you forget what should you buy from the store, you can make simple exercises to correct it, of course, if it is a serious health problem. The memory you can simply improve with pressing hands. Right pressed hand for a period of 90 seconds helps in the formation of the memory, while the same move with the left hand help her improve, concluded the researchers.



The examination done over 50 adults showed that they have much better remembered the words of a long list of terms in cases when the same ones read them with clenched palms. Pressing the hands activate specific parts of the brain that are associated with processing of memory. Pressing the right handful activates the left part of the brain, and conversely. In the process of remembering are used two brain regions, the left for accommodation of information and the right to its activation.