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The Wonder Called Carrot

The benefits of carrots are so many, that they can not be count.



With beta carotene found in carrots, carrots are cure for too many diseases. Carrots should not be missed from our kitchens. If we want we can use the carrot juice. It is also recommended to older people to use carrot as many as possible. Also little children can drink it as a juice, but in little amounts.This vegetable is very important for the health of  our eyes and eyesight.

For those who can not eat all the carrots, they can grate the carrots and make a fresh, healthy salad. You can also make lots of desserts with carrot and then to offer it to your loved ones.Recently, the benefits of carrot oil became more apparent. Experts started doing creams  which are prepared and offered for sale.

Carrot oil is needed, especially in summer to be protected from sunlight. Our skin with carrot oil can gain a better tan. We can use carrot grated or better as a juice. Experts warn us about something a lot: mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with carrot, because mixing a tablespoon of  oil with carrot , can make easier the absorption of it on our bodies and can make it to digest better.