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The Worst Habits Of Women In Pregnancy That Should Be Avoided

Every person primarily is responsible for itself. Do you eat healthy,do you smoke and drink or do you practice?But pregnancy is something new in life. Then we are not alone, and if we are not careful for ourselfs, we have to be for  our child. Because pregnancy is a period in life when we have to watch ourselves. Here are the most common mistakes made ​​by women during pregnancy.395c47d5a96718abd04c9bbf082568d6

 Alcohol is a big problem for women during pregnancy. The more the child develops in the mother, the more alcohol can harm. You must be wondering why? If you drink a few glasses of alcohol while you still know that you are pregnant – do not despair. There is no evidence showing that alcohol can seriously harm the embryo when it is in the early stages of development.


But as the embryo develops, it can tolerate less alcohol because the liver of the fetus is not able to break down even a small amount of it.  According to many studies, alcohol has the ability to pass the placenta and enter the bloodstream of the child. Alcohol in the blood of a child can keep 3 to 4 times longer than it would keep in the mother’s blood. Well, a few glasses of wine can make your fetus “totally drunk” which carries a risk of major damage to all organs. Therefore it is best to stop drinking completely from the moment you learn about your pregnancy.pregnant-wine-131107