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This Certainly You Don’t Know: 9 Interesting Myths For Nails

Here are some interesting facts about nails.promo_acrylic

1.Your nails grow up 3.5 mm per month
Many things affect the growth of nails, such as an illness or the quantity of included vitamins. If your order nail will relegated, it will take three to five months to grow up again.
2.Hair and nails are made ​​up of the same protein
Hair and nails contain keratin, only composed of different ways.
3.Nails grow up faster in men than in women
This is a fact, but it’s not valid if the woman is pregnant.


4. Genetics determines the  hardness of nails
Some are blessed with solid nails, and others have weak and brittle. For this you can always blame the genetics.
5. Your nails don’t need oxygen
When someone tells you “leave your nails to breathe” they are wrong. The nail surface is actually a set of dead cells that don’t need oxygen.
6.Year period and the climate affect the growth of nails
Your nails are like you. Fastest growth during the warm and sunny days. During the winter and nails grow more slowly.
7.Nail biting is called onikofegia
The bad habit has its own name in medicine, and is associated with stress and nervousness.
8.Regular cutting of nails is important
When nails will grow up too much, underneath collects dirt and bacteria – which is not hygienic.
9.Nails are a reflection of your health
If the nails don’t have a healthy rosy color, neither correct form, easily break or separate, it can be an indicator of some disease or disorder.