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Tips to Take Care of Health in Monsoon Season

Tips to Take Care of Health in Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season
Many people often do not know that staying healthy during times of monsoon seasons in turkey needs you to take a particular care. In addition, rain and water lying in ponds makes it easy for the mosquitoes to breed at the same time increasing the risk of mosquito-transmitted infections, like dengue fever and malaria.

The following are the tips to take care of your health in monsoon season: 

1. It is advisable that you avoid the streets during the rainy season 

You should avoid the streets during the rainy season since this may lead to serious infections from the polluted water and raw vegetables. This should help you protect your life during these times. You should only walk on the streets after rain stops if you want to take care of your health. This should help you protect your health from the adverse weather conditions.

2. Apply strong insect repellent to keep off mosquitoes

It is also important that you apply strong insect repellent that will keep mosquitoes far away at the same time prevent getting bitten. In addition, you should take anti-malarial drugs in the season as preventive measure against the high prevalence of malaria that is caused by the increased number of mosquitoes. In the end, this will enable you to stay healthy.

3. You should wear protective clothes when walking along the streets 

Where possible, you need to try avoiding walking through the dirty water. This is because leptospirosis in the water can lead to many fungal infections in your feet caused by the nails found in water in these times. You should make sure that wear protective shoes when walking on the road during the times. You will improve your health during times of monsoon seasons in turkey.

4. Avoid walking on the dirty waters 

You should also avoid walking in the dirty water that maybe lying on the tarmac road, as the vehicles will drive by to spay it on you. This means that you have to walk far away from the roads at all the times if you want safety.

5. Dry your feet when they get wet

You should never walk with wet feet during the season. This may cause the fungal diseases to hide in your feet thus causing problems. In addition, you should wear coughs and colds to keep the body dry and warm.

6. You should keep your rooms airflow

Do not enter air-conditioned rooms that has wet hair as well as damp clothes. This may make you suffer from asthma. You should avoid staying in places that are damp especially on the walls. This may promotes fungus growth and can be harmful. Finally, you need to make sure that you drink many warming herbal teas, such as those that has antibacterial properties. This will help your body active and thus protecting you from the consequences of cold weather.

In conclusion, you need to make sure that you have a valid Turkey Visa to enable you travel to the country if you want to enjoy what the country offers for the tourists during the season.