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Truths And Misconceptions About Abs

Abdominal tiles … No matter how you call it, but how they are achieved, and therefore, in addition read a few misconceptions about exercises for abs. Many would agree that flat stomach with well defined muscles is really appealing, so exactly why almost everyone wish  tiles on the belly, but when it comes to exercise for their formation, there are several misconceptions that prevent exercise to achieve their goal. In addition read the most common ones.Cheeseburger-Abs-10

Exercises with  pilates ball are much better than the bench
More than 2,000 studies at the University of Waterloo in Ontario showed that of all the exercises: the floor, bench and a pilates ball, these are the last to four times more difficult to perform, and many say that heavier is better.  Recent research brought some sensational revelations, so exercise with the ball for 21% heavier than the other and therefore do not need to spend energy on exercises off the floor, but to use a ball and the results are guaranteed.



Abdominal morning exercises are best when the body is fresh and relaxed , Lie
Spinal vertebrae receive necessary fluids just at night, so if these items are not yet settled into place, and you immediately begin to exercise after waking, it will have negative consequences. In fact, studies show that the chance of injury is three times greater if you exercise in the early morning, so we have to wait until noon to begin the exercise.

Practice with straight legs is devastating for back ,Lie
Swedish recent research has shown that the pressure over the spine is the same in both positions when the legs are lifted straight when lifting bent legs,  while lying on the ground, and the only difference is the effectiveness of the exercises. Thus, when in the course of exercising legs are straight, it works much better muscle mass compared with exercise with bent legs, and pressure on the spinal cord is equal.



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