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Unbelievable: The Appearance Of The Fruit Shows The Body Cures

Do you noticed that the fruit of the walnut resembles the brain and fetal kidney bean? That is such a similarity of form shows that it cures commodity that part of the body. See the surprise connection to nature and the human body …02-Walnut-BrainFoods-That-Look-Like-Body-Parts-11

The tomato has four chambers and is red just like the heart . Studies have shown that tomato is loaded with potassium and iron so that it is extremely healthy for the heart and blood.
Nuts like the brain , has left and right hemisphere, even folds that look like brain. It is known that nuts creates neural transmitters in the brain function.


Celery is an herb similar to bones. Bones contain 23 percent sodium, and it is exactly how much this herb contain .It has been proven that this herb complements the needs of your skeleton.
Avocados has benefits to the health of  uterus and ovaries, and actually looks like her. With only one avocado a week, hormones can be stabilized and it can prevent cervical cancer and ovarian. The most interesting thing is that it needs exactly 9 months for the avocado from blossom to mature fruit.
Sweet potatoes look like the pancreas , and also favorably affect them, so they perform balance blood sugar.

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