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What Can a 6 Month Old Baby Eat?

To give additional  nutrients to the baby,you need to move slowly and carefully.



After 6 months of birth starts a period when breast milk is not sufficient alone. From this period, you can start giving your baby solid foods. Some foods may show allergic reachions. For this purpose you must be careful not to give too much solid food to your baby, especially don’t mix too many foods within the same day. Also, the amount of additional food that you would give to to your baby should be gradually increased.

The first additional and the most beneficial solid foods for your baby are pureed vegetables. Try, at first, not to mix too many vegetables to make those purees. Only choose two different vegetables for a day. From this period, another additional food that you can give to your baby are the custard-the first thing that comes to mind when we say baby food. Especially,whole grain custard is very beneficial for your baby’s digestive system. You can give 3-9 tablespoons of custard in a day, as one meal or you can divide it to give in three different meals.

Fruit mashed yogurts are also baby’smos favourite additional foods. They are very nutritious. Especially, the yogurt that you made yourself at home is much more secure and useful for your baby. In this period, when your baby starts to meet new flavors, can cause different reactions on babies. For that reason, don’t think that every baby need to eat every vegetable. Especially when the baby doesn’t eat any vegetable, don’t insist and desist to fed that meal. Instead, try to give your baby the same vegetable when is hungry and enjoyable. Finally, foods such as tomato, egg whites, orange juice has a high risk to cause allergies. Therefore, it is more accurate to not give these foods to your baby before the first age.