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What Is Hair Loss? How To Prevent It?

Due to different causes, hair loss, which can be seen both in men and women, may occur a serious raise of psycho-social problems. If it is correctly diagnosed, it could be possible to prevent hair loss. People who experience hair loss,usually begins to see himself physically and spiritually weak and this situation is resorting to various methods to get rid of.

hair loss

The dermatologists often emphasizes that each hair has a life cycle that belongs to it. They say that those phases are growth, transition and rest of the hair. At the end of the rest phase (period) the hair will shed and than a new hair growth cycle will begin.
50-100 of hair filaments is poured per day. More amounts of hair filaments than those numbers is know as excessive hair loss.


Some causes of hair loss:
Not using a proper hair cosmetics product, fungal diseases, eczema, radiation therapy, syphilis and doing stretched hair bun. But,there are also a lot of another reasons and varieties of hair loss. Nowadays, the most common hair loss reasons are: high fever, childhearing, infections diseases, stress, major surgery, thyroid disease, protein deficiency, a variety of drugs, iron-zinc deficiency and seasonal reasons.

How to prevent hair loss? Here are some tips:
-rosemary branches are used in the treatment of hair loss.
Boil a pinch of rosemary leaves for 20 minutes on low heat. Then drain the rosemary water and use it to rinse your hair every day.

-alfalfa juice, is used as a hair care remedies for a long time. It is especially important for hair follicles, preventing  hair thinning and is important in the development of new hair which has grown in hair spilled areas.