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When Fatigue Becomes a Symptom



Are you feeling tired and swollen? Be careful with liver
High consumption of drugs, alcohol or fatty  force liver  to work intensively to eliminate all the “waste”. Fatigue is usually the first symptoms of this superactivity, but it is likely that warns you a sense of “poor digestion” .And sometimes pain in the right side of the abdomen. The solution in this case lies in the improvement of nutrition for not addressing the doctor.


More fatigue and swollen achilles ? Listen to your heart
One of the characteristic symptoms of cardiac insuficenses to the right (when the heart is not pumping properly) is swelling in his achilles tendon. To some people the neck veins swell and abdomen. Another symptom is the increased need to go to the bathroom during the night. This comes from the fact that when the body ceases horizontal water passes the remaining tissue and blood reaches the kidneys while those after the issue through the bladder.


Increased fatigue and weight? Be careful from thyroid
Thyroid glands are one of the engines of the body: if their work is slow (ipotiroidismo) we feel extreme fatigue, whereas if they work in a very fast (ipertiroidismo) we feel anxious, nervous and hyperactive. Women who suffer from ipotiroidismo, show, except fatigue, a tendency to gain weight more easily than before, and problems with concentration or memory of recent events.


Fatigue and insomnia? Issues hormone
Growth hormone during sleep. So, if you suffer from long been concerns of sleep is likely that your body not have adequate levels of this substance. In this case, the immediate symptoms is fatigue, combined with irritability, lack of concentration and loss of muscle mass.