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White Teeth- Here’s What Should You Eat For Breakfast

There are some foods which are advised to have white teeth.WhiteTeeth

Chocolate, green tea, cheese, walnuts and hazelnuts, are our best friends if we would like to keep our teeth always white. Furthermore, it is recommended that these foods can be consumed early in the morning, as soon as we get up from sleep. These foods are able to eliminate plaque that usually formed during the night.


Chocolate contains an element wich is called theobromine, a natural alkaloid that is able to strengthen the tooth enamel and dentin. Consumption of strawberries contain a certain enzyme that helps to clean our teeth.
From the other side they also contain tannins that helps to kill the bacteria that lead to the alitos. Green tea helps in increasing the level of florus by providing protection from erosion of enamel. Cheese performs the same function, but with another mechanism, that passes through the pH changes from acidic to basic. Walnuts and almonds from their side play the role through their abrasive nature that plays a scrub effect by eliminating dental plaques.