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Wonderful Cabbage: Cures Airways, Headache, Relieves Inflammation …

 Wonderful Cabbage: Cures Airways, Headache, Relieves Inflammation …

Here are a few good reasons why the cabbageshould be found on your table more frequently  in various forms.

This vegetable for its energy value, nutrients, and because of the richness in vitamins becomes indispensable ingredient in the local cuisine.

The salad, the stuffed cabbage, boiled sweet or acidic…

 Cabbage on the tables has occupied a place of honor. We remind you why we love it so much and we discover some new facts about the delicious and healthy vegetable:

1. Thick cabbage soup is good for lung patients because it strengthens the airways.

2. If you have problems with breastfeeding, or sore breasts and a blockage of milk channels, you can solve the problem with cabbage. Wrap cabage leaves around the chest and put them over the bra. Eventually the cabbage will soften and relieve the chest pain caused by nodules of blocked ducts.

3. Freshly squeezed juice of red cabbage, mixed with a little sugar or, even better, with honey, has beneficial effect on the lungs.

4. Cooked cabbage is difficult to digest. Raw cabbage (sweet or sour) the stomach digests for two hours, until it need four hours to be boiled for four hours.

Cooked sweet cabbage should not be taken by people who suffer from headaches or have sensitive stomach.

5. The healing properties of sour cabbage can be increased if in between the lines of pickling cabbage you put red grape leaves, grapes, sliced quince, apples, corn, cumin and fennel, and very little salt. So, the pickled cabbage is suitable for food and medicine.